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I have always wondered why mosquitos love me. In fact, the best repellant for anybody else is generally me.  Maybe I should sell myself as over priced repellant hanging from those rotating displays, that you find in all over priced travel shops. The smell of Colin…nice.

Anyway, I have done my reasearch and it all comes back to life style:

“Science has found that organisms that carry disease, such as mosquitoes, prefer an acidic environment.

Well, insects are more likely to bite if your blood is sweet and has an acidic condition. If you don’t take sugar or alcohol, mosquitoes won’t bother you very much.
Macrobiotic teacher Adelbert Nelissen survived many trips to Africa where, once the windows are open, the room ceiling gets covered black with mosquitoes. But he dislikes sleeping in an air-conditioned room. So he avoids getting bitten by keeping an umeboshi plum (yang/alkaline) in his mouth all night long. Thus, by restoring the body’s acid-alkali balance, umeboshi helps to restore health”.
So no beer and a plum in the mouth is the way forwards for these little buggers.
And then onto the stomach, I can swear by citracidal.  Add a few drops to a bottle of water or take tablets twice a day it will kill off potential pathogens and keep Deli Belly at bay.


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