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My local highstreet / slum area is awash with barbers. There are more barbers than you can shake a proverbial stick at.


Note: A stick is defined as that what a mangy, flea ridden, pariah dog can pick up. If it is too big then it is a log, too small a twig.


There must be at least 20 of these hair shacks located in one hundred and fifty yards. So how do you choose. Simply going in and asking for a no.1 and beard trim can get you anything from a simple no.1 and beard trim with cursory nose hair trim, right the way through to a full facial, head and shoulder massage. And the cost 30 to 150 rupees, not relative to the service you receive.


Personally I just like to go in, spin the chamber, and see what I get. Generally, whichever from the above it is I usually leave to the laughter of the barbers and crowd of rickshaw drivers and children that have gathered to watch this momentous event. The paranoia in me  always thinks they are saying “You charged him how much for such little hair”.

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