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I have finally come to realise/accept the fact that carbohydrates make me tired in the afternoons.

Potatoes, pasta, white bread and similar products that Satan devised give me the overwhelming desire to snooze under my desk or find a suitably convenient park bench (that has not already been occupied by a carb. intolerant tramp) and take a kip for an hour or five. 

Infact the only cure for any of the  reactions above is a vast quantity of beer. 

A dish comprising of several, medium sized, potatoes will lead to the desire to go out and get completely drunk.

To alleviate tiredness the brain will become focused on this point in time. Furthermore desire for beer will be accompanied by a need for a cigarette – simply because they go well with beer.

Potatoes = Beer + Cigarettes.

Its all about sugar or so it seems. Carbs give off a sugar high or rush, which then drops like a stone. As this stone dropping takes affect; so too is a small amount of brain removed and placed into a jar and placed somewhere reasonably safe, appropriately labeled,  and only returned at a convenient time. Usually several days after the potato eating and its subsequent activities.

The solution – no spud if I any form of concentration is required….Lots of spud if i want to go out and get completely bladdered.

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