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I have been looking for property to rent on gumtree and have been approached by two people I believe are trying to scam me. Look at the emails below and see how similar they are:

The first email was for an advert I responded to. It seems too good to be true. It is interesting to note that I could not find the advert again later in the day.

The second advert is one that somebody responded to me asking if I was interested in their flat, again too good to be true.

Email 1 from

Re: Your ad #39899400: 1 bedroom flat to rent in Westbourne Terrace Road, Little Venice, W2

The rent is 600 £ per month including all bills and the concil tax. I moved in Milano , Italy because I got a new job. I work in a hospital and the flat is empty and that is the motive that I want to rent it. You can rent the flat as long as you need to stay even for 2 or 3 years. The first payment will be for 2 months(1200£).In case you want it, let me know so we can arrange the transaction. For me is very hard to come in London and if I will come i must be 100% sure that I will not come for nothing. As you can see in the photos everything it’s new in the flat and the flat is fully furnished, newly refurbished and also benefits from wood flooring. You have internet connection, phone, washing machine with dryer, cable TV and most important parking place.Please let me know what your intentions are….when you intend to move in?how long you want the contract to last for?how many people would be living in it and some other things you feel i should know.

Email 2

It was nice reading from you.
I work as an Engineer,currently supervising the building construction of an hotel in Edinburgh which would be finishing soon before i leave for Italy where i start my new job.
For this reason,i wont be living in the apartment,i only inherited it and haven’t lived in it for too long.I wouldn’t like to leave it dirty and unkept so i need clean and responsible tenant.
Apartment amenities include. Central Heating,Refrigerator,Ironing Board,Good wireless internet Connection,Washing machine,Dishwasher,Microwave Oven,Television with Built-in DVD Player,Coffee Maker,Double Sofabed in Sitting Room,Dining Area,Hairdryer just to mention a few.
Unfortunately my phone is bad and wouldn’t be able to receive phone calls at the moment,so communication via email would be better at the moment,probably i could give you a call later when i get on a pay phone as am not thinking of buying a new phone here as am leaving in few weeks.
As regards the viewing,i think we could fix a date i come down for the viewing and we reach an agreement.Have been very busy with work lately so its hard for me to spare time,i would like to be more certain about your intentions before booking my plane tickets for this.
I would be staying in Italy for more than 4 years so its up to you to decide how long you want the apartment for.
Please let me know what are the things you have in mind…how many people would be occupying the apartment and for how long you want the contract to last for.
Also let me know when you intend to move in and more other details you feel necessary for me to know.
Whereabouts do you live in currently?
Pls find attached pictures of the apartment.
Waiting to read from you.

What is going on, is everyone off to Italy and has a property, but cannot meet up, so send them the cash…… I have reported this to Gumtree and the fraud squad, who are not particularly interestred as it is under a million quid.

So there you go, if you want to make fast cash, use gumtree ’cause the old bil don’t give a damn. Who needs to work.


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