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I remember the good old bad old days of 2008 when a production company’s name was an eclectic of disassociated words cobbled together to form an enigmatic presence that had no relevance to what the company did.

The criteria would be to have a colour, an animal, a hole or a shape randomly chosen and put together to form a name. Pink Fish Productions, Square Goat, Running Artichoke Ltd, Holey Lemming are all names I came up with in 20 seconds. These names have become vogue for the reason that they take 20 seconds to think up and have become synonymous to a bursting market in digital media, the ease of website design and relatively cheap film production. They are easy and anonymous, and if the production went bust then it just took another 20 seconds to come up with a new name for a new or the similar production concept. Job done. However, with the rise of blogging sites and advances in accessible technologies – using ones own name is back in fashion.

The new vogue is to not hide behind an eclectic mix of lateral thinking, but to be out in the open – share information about what you do and how you do it to anyone who will listen, including your potential competitors – Social Information Sharing as it is known.

The benefit of sharing your information leads to you becoming an expert and leader within your field, the person people turn to as long as you remain and advance yourself as an expert and leader in your field.

I am raising this subject after seeing that Philip Bloom ( has now endorsed the Philip Bloom Kessler Pocket Dolly, it has a label and everything. Philip has become a brand – the Fred Perry of the DSLR world.

I am disciple of people like Philip and Vincent Laforet ( because they tell you what they know, so that you can use it. They both had the foresight to seeing the future of DSLR cameras and associated grip and paraphernalia that goes with it.

So how do you go about making your name into a Global Brand.

First thing you need is a blog site.  An old fashioned HTML website is just too static these days. Within 5 minutes you can have a WordPress ( site up and running with your name on it. If you have a bit of cash you can get a web designer to use the WordPress engine to come up with something a little more fancy. But this does not matter, it is all about content and regular updates.

So you now have your site, it looks pretty, but you are staring at a blank screen and thinking “what the hell am I now going to write about, how am I going to become a Global Brand”.

For starters write something that people give a shit about, something they want to know about. People want to know what you know so that they can use what you know. Social Information Sharing. Don’t be fearful that you sound like you are up your own arse – you probably are and have to accept this to become a Global Brand; don’t be fearful of criticism – people will always critisize you, but remember that “nobody ever put up a statue to a critic (Howard Stringer – Sony Corporation Chief); don’t be afraid of people taking your information for their own gain, that is why you have put it out there; quote and endorse your competitors it is only fair; explore what your passion is.

As your content grows get lots of photos of you doing what you do best – staring down cameras, intellectual discussions with intellectual looking people and pointing at objects in the distance. But most importantly surround yourself with kit, lots of kit. If you want inspiration for how to pose for camera a quick flick through Kays catalogue may give you some inspiration.

Embed your films, embed other people’s films, link other people’s sites, attend lectures, hold lectures, share your experience. The more useful the site, the more hits it will receive, the more hits it receives the more it will raise on search engine ratings, the more it raises on search engine ratings the more people will turn to you, because you know what you know.

Soon you will find yourself Twittering and figuring out how to RSS feed your site to Facebook. You will become a favourite on StumbleUpon and a top link on Delicious. People will want a piece of you. You have become a Global Brand. You will have a range of products with your name on it and somewhere, someplace, in the world a child will be born that is named after you, that is unless you are called Square Bottom Pink Lips.

I hope this article helps with your Global Branding experience.

All my love.



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